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John Domanico

Niagara Falls, Ontario might not immediately spring to mind as a music Mecca, but it seems to have served John Domanico well, creatively speaking. The prolific Canadian songwriter has been harnessing his inimitable talent for pairing narrative lyricism and irresistible melodies for decades. 


As a child, his parents insisted he play an instrument – the accordion. Accordion lessons were a must for many children of Italian immigrant parents.  But, Domanico had his sights set on something else, so he made a deal with them: he'd do the accordion lessons if they bought him an acoustic guitar.  The rest is, as they say, history.


Domanico went through grade school obsessed with music.  One day for show-and-tell, John played drums to the Beatles “Let It Be”.  The drums he dragged to school that day were two wooden grape crates…remnants from a batch of his father’s homemade wine.  When the delightfully stunned room of teachers and students applauded and cheered, little Johnny was hooked. 


As a teenager, Domanico got involved in his local music scene in the way that many musicians do – by working with local roadie and tech crews.  It was during this time that Domanico first put ‘words to paper’ and combined those words with sweet melodic guitar riffs…he had found his calling.


Encouraged by his family and friends to record his original songs, Domanico booked some studio time and formed a band - Lyon King.  Fatefully, Toronto’s Q107 rock radio was holding their annual Homegrown Contest, and Domanico submitted his first ever recorded song “Who Are We” for consideration.  Selected as a contest winner, his song was released on Q107’s Homegrown Album Volume XIII (MCA Records) and cemented a life-long career for Domanico.  Despite their quick rising success, Lyon King broke up shortly thereafter but Domanico never broke-up with his obsession to write that perfect song.  


Today, Domanico is heavily inspired by the sounds coming out of Nashville, Tennessee. You can hear it on “Rescue Me”, an arresting blues-infused track with intoxicating guitars. The vivid impressions of Domanico's lyrics linger on even after the final chord is struck, most notably on his heartbreaking and emotive country-inspired “My Everything”.  Performed by Nashville’s finest musicians and vocalists, Domanico is excited to release his latest works. 


Domanico has carved out a niche for himself with his highly original material in the complex and ever-shifting landscape of the music industry, and is ready to unleash an array of new and exciting songs he has written and produced.  Domanico invites you to share his songs and welcomes all publisher, performer and licencing agent enquiries.




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